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Merge Bird User Manual

1: "Merge Bird" Game Introduction

"Merge Bird" uses the Game Space Wallet APP to help facilitate the bird NFTs. In the "Merge Bird" game, users can also view the bird NFTs in their NFT backpack. Each Bird NFT is marked with two numbers. As shown in the image below:
The first number, #1 means the number of times the bird can be Reborn before it dies. Being "Reborn" each time means that the players can continue playing without having to restart from 0 so that they can pass more obstacles, get higher scores, and get higher rankings on the in-game leaderboards.
Users can buy Bird NFTs from the marketplace, or put their own Bird NFTs on the marketplace for sale in exchange for earnings.

2: Reward Rules

Points rewards:

1). Users get 1 point for every obstacle the bird passes.
2). The game has a Bird reward for passing obstacles 20, 40, 60, 80... and other integer multiples of 20.
3). Users must click the "Add to Leaderboards" button to upload their scores before they can receive their Bird rewards.
4). Users can only receive Bird rewards once per game.
5). Examples of specific reward rules:
For example; User A has obtained 40 points in a single game. If User A has not received the Bird reward at 20 points previously, Game User A can only receive the Bird reward at 20 points, but cannot continue to receive the Bird reward at 40 points.
If user A has already received the Bird reward at 20 points, game user A can only receive the Bird reward at 40 points.
6). The new Bird obtained by the user through the in-game reward will be locked for 24 hours. After the lock is over, it can be put on sale in the marketplace. If the user merges the rewarded Bird, the newly merged Bird will also be locked. It also needs to wait 24 hours to be unlocked. Only after the count down can it be put on sale in the NFT marketplace.

3: Bird Merging Rules

1). Multiple Birds can be combined into a new Bird, and the new Bird will have more lives. The specific rules are as follows:
When the number of Birds participating in the merge is less than or equal to #20 lives, multiple Birds can be used to merge together. For example, if three Birds with the numbers #4, #6, and #8 are used for Merging, the user will get a new bird with a life equal to the total of #4 + #6 + #8 = #18.
However, the lives of the Bird merged cannot be greater than #20. For example, two Birds with lives #14 and #12 cannot merge, because #14 + #12 = #26, which is greater than #20.
When the Bird participating in the Merge is greater than or equal to #20, only two birds with the same number of lives can merge, and only one additional life will be given to the newly merged bird. An additional new Bird will also be rewarded.
For example: when Merging two Birds with 22 lives, you will get a Bird with 23 lives, and an additional Bird.
2). Merging Operation Process.
As shown below: Click the "Merge" button to enter the Merge page,
Select two or more Birds that meet the composition rules and click the Merge button to Merge.

4: How to buy a Bird NFT of your own (Must Read)

1). After registering, downloading and installing "Merge Bird", users need to purchase a Bird with any number of lives before they can play the game.
2). The purchase process is as follows, click "Go to Import" and "Go to Market" in the picture below.
Users can now open the Game Space Wallet and enter the marketplace and buy one.
3). At this time, the user cannot play the game immediately, and they need to Import the Bird just purchased into the in-game asset Backpack first in the Merge Bird game.
The operation process is as follows: Reopen the "Merge Bird" app. Once open, select the "NFTs" Backpack in the Merge Bird game. Click on the bird NFT which will select the Bird you just bought, click the Import button, and follow the steps. As shown in the image below:
4). Finally, click the "Select" button on the Birds page to select a bird to start playing the game.

5. "Merge Bird" Official Release Rules

The first round of public sales:

  1. 1.
    The first round of public sales is in the form of Bird #1 NFT. The total number of Bird NFTs being released is 7,000, of which 500 will be airdropped to users (please follow our official Twitter and Telegram for details on the AirDrop rules), and 6,500 will be officially sold. The selling price is 9.9USDT.
  2. 2.
    Bird #1 NFTs released in this round can only be used for playing the game and Game Space APP transactions, and cannot be transferred to external personal wallets.

The second round of public sales:

  1. 1.
    The second round of sales is in the form of Mystery Boxes. Each Mystery Box is priced at 2,400USDT. These Mystery Boxes contain 2,500 Birds #30 NFTs, 178 Birds #31 NFTs, 18 Birds #32 NFTs, 1Birds #40 NFTs, and 1 Bird #50in total, which will be allowed to be transferred from the Game Space APP to external personal wallets freely and vice versa.
  2. 2.
    After the game is officially launched, users who receive Bird #1 NFT rewards in the game within a week will automatically enter the whitelist pool for the second round of public sales.
  3. 3.
    Game Space will randomly select 2,700 users in the whitelist pool, and those 2,700 users who get accepted into the whitelist will be able to participate in the second round of public sales.
Note: When users Merge the Bird assets above Bird #30, they can also deposit and withdraw the Bird NFTs freely in both the Game Space APP and external personal wallets.

6.Restart Rules & Reborn Rules

In the game, Birds will fall to the ground if they hit any obstacle, after which the following page will pop up:
At this point the user has two options:


When the Bird falls to the ground in the game, by clicking on "restart", the game will go back to the starting point and start the count of score from 0. This method does not deduct the birds' lives.


When the user's Bird falls to the ground in the game, the Reborn method can be used to continue the game. After the user uses the Reborn method, he can keep the score previously obtained and continue with the game starting at that basis.
However, each Reborn consumes 1 life of the Bird. When a Bird's life count reaches #0, it will be burned.

7.Listing process

1). For the Bird located in the user's Bird Backpack, you need to first click the "Mint NFT" button corresponding to the Bird you want to sell in the Marketplace.
2). The Birds in users' NFTs Backpack are in a one-to-one correspondence with the assets in users' Game Space wallet, and can be listed directly in the marketplace. The operation process is as follows:
The user selects the NFT asset they want to sell in the Game Space wallet and clicks to sell it at the price they enter.
If the listing is successful, the NFT asset will be in the status of "listed" (Purple Dot in the upper-right hand corner)
Every time the NFT is put up for sale by the user and is successfully sold, a transaction fee of 3.7% from the seller will be charged.
If the user wishes to delist, select the assets that have been listed to operate, as shown below:
The above are the basic instructions for playing "Merge Bird" and using the "Game Space Wallet", I wish you good luck and happy Flapping!